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over 1 year ago

First Day: Welcome, and Good Luck!

Hey Hackors!

Welcome to our first ever season of the HackOR: Oregon's premier all-student hackathon. 

By the way, congrats! You got through the first day of our event. We hope that today's opening ceremony and workshop was helpful to you all, especially those of you who are new to attending hackathon events. 

If you missed the workshops, no worries. All of our workshop, including the opening ceremony, are recorded and posted on under our Official Youtube Channel!

Daily Summary

  • To give an overview on HackOR, our organizer led an opening ceremony, now viewable on our official channel.
  • Throughout the day, we had office hours sessions and lots of fun workshops! The office hours aren't recorded, but rather hour-long sessions led by our organizers to solve any technical difficulties and answer questions! Our next office hours will be 1-2PM on Sunday to help with Project Submissions.
  • Hacking officially started at 2PM PST today, and all teams (and individuals) are free to start coding! We can't wait for what you all will build. 


Help! I still don't know what HackOR is about! Start by watching our Opening Ceremony on Youtube, if not already. And no worries, hackathons are different experiences for everyone :)

New to programming and not sure how to start? Watch our Breaking into Computer Coding Workshop hosted last week during our HackOR RampUp!

Stuck on Ideas? What do we build? While our requirements for HackOR projects are very open ended, my personal recommendation is to first start by looking at the Category Prizes we have and consider which ones you want to aim for: submitting to a particular category is not required, but it's a good way to start brainstorming ideas (e.g. "I want to aim for the Best Social Good hack! Let's brainstorm ideas that can help solve problems in our community!"). You can also read our Official HackOR Guide's page on Project and Competition Guide

You got this!

The HackOR Team



Our organizers will be very busy during HackOR, and our email responses will be a bit delayed. If you have any questions about the hackathon, please message us on Discord, if possible!

If Discord is unavailable to you, no worries, we always have an organizer at the workshops (with a username "_Name_(HackOR Organizer)"), so if you have any emergency situations, feel free to reach us there.