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over 1 year ago

Saturday Update: HackOR Swag, Workshops, and Other Social Events

Hey Hackors,

Happy Saturday! Hope that everyone's doing well. As always, if you need any help, whether it is with teams or with the event, feel free to let us know. 



Many of you messaged us to ask about receiving HackOR swag, similar to in-person events. We will be shipping HackOR stickers, pins, and other HackOR gear to ALL team members that submit a HackOR project this year. (Note that due to shipping restrictions, we will be unable to ship to hackors outside of the US.)

Additionally, selected students who end up submit a project will be entered in a raffle for a chance to be one of the students to receive a First Edition HackOR hoodie. While we plan to host many more HackORs in our coming years, this is our first year, so we want you all to have something to remember us by :)


Schedule (TImes in PST)

Here are the upcoming events for today, which you can also find in our official Google Calendar.

Saturday is the first day where you all get the full day to hack: we encourage you to take good use of it, but at the same time, remember to rest and learn along the way! We have a lot of great workshops and events planned for you to learn from, as well as a mini-Jstris competition this evening.

9 - 10 AM

Using Puppeteer to automate boring tasks

echoAR: How to Build a Cloud-Connected AR/VR App in 15 Minutes or Less

10 - 11 AM Intro to AI/ML and the world of algorithms (high level explanation of these algorithms; examples of different kinds of algorithms that computer scientists use)
11 - 12 PM Product Management Decoded
12 - 1:30 PM Sign-In and Authentication services with Node/Express
2 - 3 PM Intro to Web design (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
3 - 4 PM Women in STEM Panel
4 - 5 PM Research in CS Talk
5 - 6 PM HackOR Jstris Mini-Competition 


You can do this!

The HackOR Team



Our organizers will be very busy during HackOR, and our email responses will be a bit delayed. If you have any questions about the hackathon, please message us on Discord, if possible! If Discord is unavailable to you, no worries, we always have an organizer at the workshops (with a username "_Name_(HackOR Organizer)"), so if you have any emergency situations, feel free to reach us there.