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over 1 year ago

Final Hacking Hours!

Hey Hackors,

Happy Sunday! HackOR is ending in just a couple of hours: we're confident that you can make it. Remember to submit your Devpost at 10AM (you may keep editing the Devpost and your code up to 2PM PST today).


Here are the upcoming events for today, which you can also find in our official Google Calendar.

We understand that a lot of teams are focusing their time on hacking, but we have a lot of great workshops and events happening today as well that we encourage hackers and conference attendees to join!

If you have any questions with project submission, please join our Office Hours session today and we'll try to help you out.

9 - 10 AM

The Founder Experience: Raising Funds, Seeking Mentorship, and More Talk

10 - 11 AM Intro to self-driving-cars
11 - 12 PM Rock Paper Javascript: Intro to Javascript, HTML/CSS, with Rock Paper Scissors Game Design
12 - 1 PM Entrepreneurship Panel
1 - 2 PM Submission Office Hours | Final hacking hrs
2 - 5 PM Judging (Hackors: take a break, relax, but don't oversleep!)
7 - 8 PM Closing Ceremony (Livestreamed on Youtube)


Best of luck!

The HackOR Team



Our organizers will be very busy during HackOR, and our email responses will be a bit delayed. If you have any questions about the hackathon, please message us on Discord, if possible! If Discord is unavailable to you, no worries, we always have an organizer at the workshops (with a username "_Name_(HackOR Organizer)"), so if you have any emergency situations, feel free to reach us there.